Does your God still punishes the living?

RHEI never heard of Rachel Held Evans, but obviously Yahweh knew her well and he killed her. Or at least that with what many Evangelical Christians believe. “Yahweh” is the name of the tribal god of Christians and Jews — Muslim’s call him “Allah”. Rachel was a very popular Progressive ex-Evangelical Christian who use to believe in a nasty Yahweh, but she escaped conservative Evangelicalism and became a popular author who wrote against Trump Evangelicals, for abortion, for the LGBTQ community and against Biblical literalism. If you are religion-free, these controversies seem silly to you, but they are deadly topics for many Christians.

When I read today that Rachel Held Evans died from an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, I instantly told my honey, “The Evangelicals are going to say this is God punishing Rachel.” And sure enough, with only a little searching, this nasty evangelical site confirmed my suspicion:

At age 37, Evan’s has died as a result of severe swelling on the brain. It is appointed once a man to die, and then the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

Rachel Held Evans was a heretic. While she was not a professional theologian or clergy person, her influential writings no doubt led many sinners astray or, at the very least, provided false assurance to those living in sin that they stood justified before God.

Going to Twitter, more holy virulence can be found:

I’ll stop there.  Like I said, since I care nothing for Christian debates nowadays, I had never heard of Rachel.  But as I read about her today, I am sure that the world lost a very, very fine thinker and writer.  As for why it happened, like other religion-free people, I just feel that shit happens because the world is dangerous. It is very sad.

So, do you believe in a higher power that punish people in this life?  I don’t.



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5 responses to “Does your God still punishes the living?

  1. I knew of her because several of my Christian friends followed her and also because of Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist. The response of these right-wing Christians to her death is disgusting. I’m sad to see one of the more reasonable voices of faith gone.

  2. this goes back to my thinking of the atrocities of being right! So sad to see such judgmental folks twisting things to suit their rightness!

  3. @ mike: Agreed Mike
    @ roth: Agreed, Dwight

  4. Really sad but the comments are appalling. Although there seems to be less of this in U.K. This ‘right’ self righteousness has reared its head. Some close family are ‘very’ Christian and sometimes ‘anti’ ideas arise. Have not heard the punishment one publicly stated.

  5. @ Nava: Yes, what many Christians whisper behind doors is very different from what they say in public.

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