Your Modular God: A stubborn abstraction

Modular God 4God” is just a word, not a person or a thing. It is a word that people pack with their hopes, fears and identity. “God” is the great abstraction. And God is a stubborn abstraction. People use the word “God” to capture many different functions for their lives, as illustrated in this diagram above.

So even though the corona virus is killing religious people as much as it is killing non-religious and thus challenging the Magical Health power of their god, religious people just expand other functions, like “identity” so as to preserve their abstraction, their “God”. That is why I called “God” the great stubborn abstraction.

Question to reader: So, what do you think?


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3 responses to “Your Modular God: A stubborn abstraction

  1. I think your concept of God as “modules” is very insightful. It helps explain the power of “survivor bias.” If one of the “Magical Modules” isn’t meeting expectations (such as “Magical Health” during COVID 19), there are always other modules that might be perceived as “succeeding.” With so many to choose from, the probability is pretty high that someone can usually say “See? there *is* a God!” because one out eight modules just randomly hit red or black at the cosmic roulette table. In eight flips of a coin, the probability of at least one coin coming up heads is what, 99.61%? And if even all eight momentarily fail, there is always “God’s will” to bridge the gap until one of the coins comes up heads again.

  2. meant “survivor bias and confirmation bias…”

  3. Hello qbit — thanks for popping in. Indeed. Very well put. That is exactly what I meant — you filled it out perfectly. And it is not only with the large abstraction “God”, in which this happens, but with many such highly packed abstraction. For instance, “Patriotism”, another multi-valence, contrary-between-speaker, abstraction package. You find out that your country has even interfered in elections and tried to assassinate elected individuals and yet , with a little effort, you can re-package the abstraction and keep it as your very own. People are so creative and so naively self-deceptive.

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