Evidence for Types of “Gods”

The word “God”, like “love”, “freedom”, “patriotism” and many other words, has many uses, depending on the speaker.

Therefore, to facilitate meaningful discussions on this word, it is important to realize the various way it is used. I hope this diagram helps such conversations.

If someone asks me, “Do you believe in “God”? “, I can emphatically say that I do not believe in a miracle-god. Most people who describe themselves as “Theists” believe in a miracle-god and so they can rightfully call me an A-Theist. But for believers only believe in an inspiring, comforting and/or creator god, since their god can do little harm and it is almost impossible to proof such inner-subjective evidence, I am agnostic, even if a bit sympathetic.

What do you think? How would you tweak this chart? Where do you think I am wrong?

Further notes:

  • Creator-god: A creator god does not have to be wise, kind or even intelligent — these are all assumptions brought over from the other traits of the theist-god (ie, the miracle-god). Indeed, a creator god could just be deep impersonal energies bound to create. Or a creator-god can create and walk away (this is the Deist God). Or, a creator-god could do no more intervention and only inspire or comfort — depending if the believer wants a bigger god. It is not logical or reasonable to assume a creator god MUST have other traits.

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