Others & Phone Fingerprint Scanners

Smart phone finger print scanners can tell us about others.

To set up the fingerprint security, our phones have us place our finger on the phone a dozen times until the AI can get an accurate reading of our fingerprint from several angles. It makes us to touch our phones with our finger from several different positions until the AI can compose a complex recognition system which allows our phones to recognize us no matter how we position our finger.

People are equally complicated. The analogy is useful.

People present differently in different situations and different times, both to ourselves and to others. We have no consistent, homogenous self. We even begin to know others unless we see them in many situations and at very different times. We can build an image of others, but unlike our phones, 12 views is almost nothing. We are far more complex and changeable.

To rest in the fact of our own ambiguity and that of others, is the beginning of real understanding.

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