Below is my commenting policy.  I hold the right to delete or censor any comments which do not follow the rules below.

A) Your Mood & Style

  1. No personal attacks
    — No personal attacks or insults.
    — No Ad Hominum arguments.
  2. No vulgarity
    — Be creative in your writing, you don’t need vulgarity to convey emotions.
  3. Be honest
    — Do not pretend to be someone you are not.
    — Don’t be intentionally vague, overly sarcastic.  Be clear if you are playing the devil’s advocate.

B) Your Content

  1. Interact with the post
    — Show you read the post by interacting (otherwise I will erase your comment).  This is not your blog — a place to dump your ideas without showing interaction.  Make your own blog for that purpose.
    — — Use my E-mail or Contact tab if you have something to say that is unrelated to the post or is a mere grammar correction or you feel is contrary to these policies.  Feel free to shoot me an e-mail using the “contact” tab.  Thank you.
  2. Be organized
    — Organize your thoughts.
    — Please don’t ramble.  Ramble on your own blog.
  3. No fictitious e-mail address or website URL
    Otherwise you will be banned
  4. No soliciting
    — Comments made to advertise another site or any products will be deleted.

C) On Freedom of Expression

  1. My House, My Rules:
    — I value strongly value personal freedom.
    — I strongly value different opinions and am deeply appreciative of those who contribute to this site.  I really enjoy ideas that contradict or argue against mine — that is how I learn.
    — But this is my house & my rules. If you want to come play on my site, please obey the rules above, or like any other private club, I will ask you to leave. Your freedom of expression can be exercised on your own site if you don’t like my club’s rules. 🙂 
  2. No religious proselytizing:
    — Proselytizing (preaching, quoting scripture …) without clear interaction with a post will be deleted.  Feel free to quote the Bible or other religious texts to share information pertinent to the discussion.
    — But don’t just cut-and-paste a quote without explaining what you think it means or how it relates to the discussion.
    — Avoid quoting the Bible or other religious texts as an assumed source of authority — remember, here, no one’s ancient books are considered authoritative.