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Christmas Hodgepodge

In my post about The Homogenized Bible, my glorious readers discussed not only how the Bible is homogenized in its translation process but also in the way we read and remember it.  Our reader, Ian, a Bible scholar, has kindly illustrated this by quickly putting together this annotated Christmas story.   His story illustrates how the Christmas myth in our heads is a hodgepodge of the inconsistent gospels of Matthew and Luke which are then mixed with folk lore and outright mistakes.  Please take a look at Ian’s work.  But please don’t ruin anyone’s Christmas — wait at least until all the presents are opened.  🙂
Note: Image by Joe, coloring is mine to illustrate my point of finding your favorite creature (Jesus) in this hodgepodge.

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Boost Your Blog Stats !

Here are ways to boost your blog stats:

  • Use catchy titles
  • Frequent posting
  • Make interesting, insightful comment on popular blogs
  • Post on controversial topics
  • SUBSTANCE: make sure your posts have valuable thoughts !

Today I noticed something else that increased my traffic: IMAGES!  If you choose good pics and, more importantly, label them wisely, your hits will go up!   Google will find you.  [Since posting, I did a Hindu Iconography post that poured thousands of page views for months into my blog — though I doubt many stayed]. Continue reading


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