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The Man without a Past: Movie talk

This is a 2002 Finnish film about a man saved by the Salvation Army in a most odd manner.  For your reference, here is a wiki summary and Rotten Tomato review.  But for my post, let me tell you a few points I enjoyed about the film:

  • It is in Finnish — a language I have never heard.  I loved the new exposure though I must say, my first impression of the language was not positive.  But language aesthetics  is simply a matter of personal taste and apparently I have odd tastes in language, because I enjoy: Russian, Arabic, Swedish and German to name a few.
  • It was a slow movie with much feeling.
  • It showed deep relationships forming with almost no dialogue of any significant content nor any action.  This bothered me at first, because I love dialogue and action.  But soon, I learned to value the silence.  Interesting.
  • It showed two people meet through religion, help break its rules and form their own redemption.  Though the religion is somewhat ignored, it always played a role.  The religion was not obstructive, but deeply helpful.
  • It was a film with redemption — one of my favorite themes.
  • I spent a summer working in Ocean Grove — Jersey Beach religious town known as “The Queen of Religious Resorts”.   My job was as a dishwasher in a large hotel on the beach owned by a Salvation Army family.  I found both the town and the religion stifling.  This film showed a stuffy Salvation Army too.  But the two main characters found redemption in spite of that.

— HT for the recommendation to a Petteri, a Finnish blogger.


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