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“Grace” is a word Atheists can embrace.  Make it your own, take it out of the hands of those who perversely proclaim that we are born disgusting and deserving of torture and torment with our only hope being grace granted from a praise-lusting vengeful god.  Take grace back from narrow minds!

Grace is unexpected kindness from others.  Grace is the humble interdependence we have with fellow humans and all of nature.  Grace is a gift we give without expecting in return.   A thankful heart is one that realizes that we live by grace — we live by the kindness of others.

Don’t let the religious steal this beautiful concept.   Make “Grace” a word you are proud of.   Grace is an important understanding to living in this world where no gods, spirits or spooks exist.  Grace is caring for each other.

  • Proto-Indo-European: gwer:  to praise, welcome
  • Sanskrit: grnati: sings, announces
  • Greek: karites: one of the three sister goddesses who were bestower or charm and beauty
  • Latin: gratia: agreeableness, charm; favor, good will, kindness
  • English grace:
    1) Elegance and beauty of movement or expression
    2) Consideration of others
    3) Disposition of kindness and compassion
    4) to decorate and make attractive
    5) a short prayer before a meal
    6) (Christian theology) : the free and unmerited favor or beneficence of God


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