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Contra Kilts

Dancing in a Kilt

Dancing in a Kilt

On Father’s Day, my family took me out Contra Dancing (a type of folk dance).  We went with another family and had a great time.  Some of the men there were dressed in kilts.  After the dance my friends commented on how strange and silly the men in skirts were.  On the contrary, I thought their attire was awesome and said to myself, “Gee, if I came dancing enough, it would be fun to wear a kilt also.”

Funny how all of us have different intellectual and emotional constitutions.  I am naturally drawn to the unusual.  It is no more my virtue than it is the vice of my friends to find the unusual unappealing.  I have been that way since I was young and so have they.  They have disciplined themselves to accept (albeit with effort) others while I have disciplined myself not to jump into every odd thing.

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