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Pyramids to Plates: Watch your Diet

The US government has replaced the food pyramid  with the food plate image to tell Americans nudge Americans toward a healthier diet.  Presentation styles do matter, and this new presentation is definitely an improvement.  Additionally, there have been some changes besides just the presentation:  If you compare the two, you can see that the new emphasis is on a little less carbs and a little more fat — a change in the right direction even if not enough.


Readers may recognize that in my life I have been all over the map in terms of religion, politics and medicine.  Yet another imbalanced, fanatic aspect of my life has been food — go figure!  In my past I have been a vegan, a raw vegan, a macrobiotic, a flexatarian and now I eat “paleo” (low-carb).  So you can see I am not to be trusted.  But for fun I have made a plate image of my present diet.

So which diet is best — well, don’t ask your doctor.  Interestingly a recent study shows that doctors opinions are culturally determined and very close to the opinions of their uneducated lay patients.   If you ask a physician about a low-carb diet, for instance, they will probably criticize it as a fad.  Indeed it may be a mere fad.  Only time will tell — lots of time!   But a recent study has declared that Low-Carb diet may be good, if accompanied by exercise.  Wheeew, do I feel a lot better.  But dog-gone-it, why does everything have to be so complicated?

Question to Readers:  Confess your food fads!  [I’m off to have some sardines and wine!]


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