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Arrogant Christian Prayer

God's AirplaneSpeaking of praying for the sick —  Here is a true story of mine from just 3 months ago.

My family was flying to Mexico for vacation.  Three hours into the flight an attendant yelled loudly, “Do we have a doctor on the plane?”  We all looked up — no response.  “Do we have any medical personnel on the plane?” she yelled again more frantically.  My wife nudged me, “Shhh,” I said, “Just wait and give the heroes a chance.”  But no one went forward.  So, I stood up and walked up to the front of the plane.

A 70 year-old woman was having a heart attack.  We had 45 minutes until we arrived in Mexico.  I started directing the attendants to get the plane’s defibrillator, to break open the medical kit and to help me administer her treatment.  Long story short, we got her stabilized and I sat next to her stroking her head to relax her until we landed.  Her niece, after she finally stopped crying, thanked me over and over.  The flight attendants were very grateful.  Me, I wish I could have relaxed in the back of the plane with my kids — it felt like I was back at work, but I was glad to help.

The woman was looking much better, and the Mexican ambulance was starting to bring the stretcher aboard the plane when the man behind me tapped the woman on her arm and said loudly, in his best witnessing voice, “We were praying for you.  I am sure the doctor helped, but God was the real healer here.”  I was shocked at the gall of this person, but before I knew it, the people in front of us said to the woman, “We were praying for you too.”  My patient had a religious book in her arms and shook her head agreeing. As the ambulance carried her out, she hugged me and thanked me.  She was a sweet woman.

Geeeeez, maybe God did help her.  Wait, there is no god.  But if there were, I would hope he just shakes his head those sorts of  Christian credit grabbers !

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