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My Previous Life as a German

Many years ago I was traveling from Chicago to Pakistan to do graduate studies in religion and philosophy.  En route I stopped in Ohio to visit my mother and to get may passport visa.  However, the visa had problems and I had to stay three weeks in Ohio waiting for clearance.  During that time, I met a young lady under unusual circumstances.  We dated for those weeks during which I had two unique “reincarnation-tinged” experiences with her.  You judge, I am still not quite sure how to explain these events.

The Ballroom Mirage

Our first date was at a gorgeous restaurant on Lake Erie.  It was a big open restaurant with people in very nice attire.  I was talking with my new friend when all of a sudden, my vision of the whole room changed abruptly.  Instead of an American restaurant, I was now looking at a room full of men wearing a German officer dress uniforms and women were in very fancy long white dresses.  I stared in disbelief, looking past my friend at this incredible transformation.  I felt paralyzed.

After about five to ten seconds the all-too-real mirage faded and I could hear my new friend’s voice saying, “Sabio, you OK?”  I shook my head and apologized to her and lied to her saying that I had just had a very strange memory.  I didn’t want to tell her about my vision — after all, we had just met and I wasn’t sure what  she would think of me if I were honest.  She said I was staring blankly into space.  Was this a petite mal seizure?  I would only have one more changed vision experience in my life years later,  so I can’t say I had a propensity toward these experiences.

The Prisoner Dream Confirmed

A few weeks later, two nights before I left for Pakistan,  I had a strange vivid dream.  In my dream, I was a German soldier who had somehow betrayed my comrades and was stripped of my uniform.  I was sitting in a line with other people (not all of them were soldiers).  My wrists were tied as were the wrists of those being held captive me.  The person next to me was actually a friend, but out of fear, we were not talking.  We were in a tunnel or a dark narrow corridor.  An armed German guard walked up to me and started talking to me.  Suddenly the guard got angry, pulled out his pistol and shot me in my chest.  I slumped into the lap of the friend next to me and died.

I woke from that dream with may heart beating and sweating.  The next day I was talking that same woman friend and without my mentioning my dream, she spontaneously told me she had a dream about me the same previous night.  In her dream it was night time and she was sitting next to me with a line people who were all prisoners.  Likewise, in her dream  someone came by and shot me.  She said I slumped into her lap and died.

My mouth hung open in huge surprise!  I shared my dream and then felt safe to tell her about the mirage I had seen a few weeks ago at the restaurant.  The “coincidence” was overwhelming for both of us.

My German Background:

  • My mother’s grandparents came from Germany.  During Word-War II when she was a young child, German was forbidden to speak in their house so that they did not stand out in their community.
  • Since I was very young, I was always attracted to German and studied it from 8th to 12th grade, in college and later at the Goethe Institute in Germany.

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Changing your beliefs

The Edge.org posed the question:

What have you changed your mind about?  And why?

Self-introspection and confessions of change are very useful.  Before listing some of confessions of the great thinkers at The Edge, let me confess some of my own changes of belief over the years:

  • Acupuncture is an amazingly powerful medical treatment –> NOT
  • Homeopathy works –> NOT
  • Christianity is the answer and Jesus is the way –> NOT
  • Marxism is the answer for the world –> NOT
  • Belief is an all or nothing thing –> NOT

If you get a chance below, please tell us what you use to believe but don’t now.

Now for the Greats !  Hopefully some will want to go to the site and read the details:

  • Memory is stored once –> Memory is constantly recreated.
    Joseph LeDoux, neuroscientist
  • Analogies can explain anything –> NOT
    Piet Hut, astrophysics
  • Perception is useful to the extent it is veridical –> Perception is useful because it is NOT veridical
    Donald Hoffman, cognitive scientist
  • Cultural relativist –> NOT
    Timothy Taylor, archaeologist
  • Mathematical Platonist –> NOT
    Keith Devlin, mathematician
  • Newborns are blank slates –> NOT;  Sexual Orientation is natural –> NOT
    David G. Myers, social psychologist
  • Adult brain does not make new neurons –> Does too !
    Robert Sapolshy, neuroscientist
  • The machinery that allows humans to learn language is “special” –> NOT
    —  Gary Marucs, psychologist
  • Quantum reality is timeless –> Time is real
    Lee Smolin, physicist
  • Science guaranteed ethical behavior  –> NOT
    Ken Ford, physicist
  • Sex Differences are socially constructed –> True but biology is huge
    Diane Halpern, Psychologist
  • Laws of physics are immutable –> NOT
    Paul Davies, physicist
  • Rational thinking would eventual eradicate irrational thinking and supernatural beliefs –> NOT
    Marco Iacoboni, neuroscientist
  • Skepticism is primarily an intellectual virtue, whose goal was truth –> Nope, it is used as a weapon
    Rupert Sheldrake, biologist
  • I once trusted in the wisdom of Nature  –> Mother Nature is not our Friend
    Sam Harris, neuroscience
  • Scientific literature is respected and builds  –> New scientific ideas can be smothered with silence
    Robart Shapiro, chemist
  • I should trust the consensus of experts in disciplines outside my area of expertise  –> Much of scientific opinion and even more of medical opinion fall into the murky area circumscribed by a lack of adequate knowledge about the processes at hand.
    Paul Ewald, biologist
  • I use to believe and prove the Paranormal  –> Now I prove it false
    Susan Blackmore, psychologist
  • I used to believe that you could find out what is true by finding the smartest people and finding out what they think.  –> However, the most brilliant people keep turning out to be wrong.
    Randolph Nesse, psychiatrist

Note:  This is only a partial list stripped of their interesting essays. Here is a link to the book version if you don’t like reading on-line.  The Edge has also written on other questions — see here.   My previous post lists samples of answers to the question, “What do I believe that I can not prove?”.


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