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The Making of Buddhist Modernism

David McMahan, Ph.D.

This will be the anchor index for my posts for the following book:

  • Title:The Making of Buddhist Modernism” (amazon)
  • Author:  David L. McMahan
  • Publication: Oxford University Press 2008  (320 pgs)

David McMahan  is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.  The book is a superb scholarly, sociological evaluation of modern Buddhism.  The reader will learn not only about different forms of Buddhism but also about methodologies to investigate and reflect on the social phenomena of religion.

Below are my posts inspired by this fine book:

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Tomas Rees

Tom Rees (Facebook)

Tom Rees (Facebook)

Tom Rees, on his site “Epiphenom“, does superb dissections of recent scientific research on religion.  I highly recommend his site for anyone (Atheist, Christian, Buddhist or otherwise) who is trying to understand the human phenomena of religion from a scientific perspective.  Besides learning about each study, the diligent reader can watch how a scientists (Tom) approaches knowledge.

For a quick snapshot of Tom’s site, see his yearly review pages:

Here is more information to help you to know Tom Rees a bit better:

  • Employer: Parexel International as the manager of Scientific and Editorial Services in Worthing, United Kingdom.
  • Education
    • PhD:  Microbial Biotechnology (Cranfield Univ 1996)
    • Grad School (MSc): Applied Toxicology(University of Portsmouth 1993 )
    • Undergrad: Physiology and Biochem (University of Southampton 1991)

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