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Tibetan Weather Miracle

Dalai Lama teaches Kalachakra

The Dalai Lama had come to Madison, Wisconsin to teach and initiate into the Kalachakra meditation practice.  His seminar lasted five days.  The first four days were held in a mundane large auditorium on U of W’s campus where the 500 of us students could easily fit.  But on day five, the culminating ceremony was held out in some natural, beautiful, wooded property outside of Madison.  There we all sat cross-legged under huge canopy tents set up to shade us from the sun for the day-long teaching.

Two hours into the ceremony, huge expansive dark clouds started to form and the wind picked up.  The tents began for flap.  His Holiness’s voice became harder to hear over the roar of the brewing storm.  So the Dalai Lama stopped the ceremony, paused and then began to explain about his personal weather man.
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