Salvation Spectrums

Universalism Spectrum3

What is your soteriology (theory of salvation)?

I feel that the closer one’s views get to the right side of this spectrum, the more just and helpful that view.  For in my world, even if views may be wrong (mine included), I think that there are degrees to the damage or good our wrong views can do.

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3 responses to “Salvation Spectrums

  1. Remarks:
    1) I had no clue that Calvinists are so absolute. What a depressing thought! To know that your fate has been predetermined and there’s nothing you can do about it. Teaching these things to children is a kind of child abuse.
    2) No idea what “armianist” means.
    3) So, Mormons (except Mitt 🙂 ) aren’t that bad after all. As long as you don’t screw up too much, you’ll be OK. 🙂
    4) More to the point of your diagram: I reject the notion of the word “salvation”. Much like the word “fate”. I reject it so long as there is no convincing argument about its existence. Sure, there is an argument that it helps some people. As a happy pill, sure, it makes sense.

  2. Atheists are also exclusionists, because they are fundamentalists; they believe that the world is a kind of accident of chaos; and no order is present in a mind that cannot be seen or measured in a skull cavity…

    I say this as a devout non-believer in literal mythologies – but a firm experiencer of the connectedness of the world (universe). Just a thought for your fine webpage.

  3. Hey Liam,

    Your blog looks interesting.

    I disagree with you saying “Atheists are also exclusionists” in relation to this post. Here I am discussing those terms in light of “salvation”. Atheists believe we all end up the same after death — dead. So Atheists are universalists.

    As for calling atheists (and there are lots of different types) “exclusivist” in light of some different term, you’d have to explain better for me to understand.

    Hope you see my point.

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