‘Sabio Lantz’

Sabio Lantz” is my pen name (nom de plume, pseudonym).  I use so I can write freely and protect both my professional and personal relations where open ideas may be harmful.  Funny though, I have used the name so long now, that “Sabio Lantz” feels like my ‘real’ name — or at least one of them.

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I created these simple “Share Yourself” tables to quickly learn a lot about me.

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My Personality Posts:

  • My Mystical Personality : I use to be a theist, but I am no longer — so by definition, that makes me an atheist.  But I don’t consider that an identity tag.  Atheists come in many flavors. And though many atheist bloggers are hyper-rational, religion haters, my post may gives you an idea of why I may not fit that classic atheist stereotype.
  • My Supernatural Experiences :  I originally wrote these posts to illustrate to remind hyper-rational atheists that even religion-free folks can have odd experiences.
  • My Superstitious Personality : I think we are all inevitably superstitious — I certainly am.
  • Confessional Tales:  I have changed religion, philosophies, diets and more over the years.  These posts will give you a glimpses at my unstable personality ! 🙂