Share Thyself

This is an index of posts that outline tables with categories to aid in sharing your positions, experiences and thoughts. Knowing these details can greatly improve the quality of dialogue.  Though hiding behind vagueness and disingenuousness are not uncommon on blog threads, I find such conversations a huge waste of time.  These tables will not only help you understand others, but also yourself.  We all change, so don’t be afraid to state your opinion even when it is uncertain.  Sometimes organizing our opinions and declaring them is the best way to change them.  Remember, change means you are still alive.

So here is the list:

  • Christian Theology Sharing :  There are many different kinds of Christians  so without being transparent about your beliefs, conversations are inevitably confusing. Even if you aren’t sure what you believe, these categories will help you explore.
  • Philosophy Sharing :  Whether they know it or not, religious and non-religious folks hold philosophical assumptions which color their worldviews.  You may not know many of these categories, but take a look at the stuff out there.
  • Atheist Worldview Sharing : Atheists hold many different perspectives toward religion.  There are lots of different kinds of atheists.  Understanding these, may help dialogue.
  • Demographic Sharing:  We’d all like to think we are free of the momentum of our demographics and indeed you may be.  But unless you share, we won’t be able to explore the limitation of our settings.  Sharing our limitations can often help us realize we are more alike than we imagine.



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