We are all Atheish

The image above is meant to capture five ideas:

  • Modular Diversity:  We are all composed of very different aspects – as should our community. (see my post)
  • Epiphenomena:  “Atheism” often only appears to those looking for it. It is merely an epiphenomena. (see my post)
  • Believing Atheists: My post that explains how we have both inner believers and disbelievers
  • Atheist Christians: The fact that even believers are “atheish”: they don’t believe in the gods of others
  • Softened Views: Naked Pastor’s  “atheish” post suggests a term which helps capture some of the above.
The image below was my first attempt but it left out the modularity and diversity — it had monotonous modules which make “atheish” stand out more clearly.  But in reality, as the top image shows, our modules are highly varied and so the “atheish” epiphenomena really only stands out to those who are looking for it.



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3 responses to “We are all Atheish

  1. AND it’s a trippy optical effect! Good one!

  2. @ amelie: Thanks! I edited the post today to give a new graphic and explanation which I hope improves the optical message.

  3. This reminded me of a Jewish comedian talking about his heritage.

    “We’re a little cagey. We’re not too committed to our views. When someone asks me if I’m a Jew, I say, ‘Well, I’m Jew-ish.’ “

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