It’s been years since I’ve posted a survey. Here are examples unscientific polls I took in the past (several are unabashedly scatological) which you may find “interesting”. They are in order of popularity with participants numbers in parenthesis:

Today I’d post another simpler poll to see how WordPress’ ever-evolving platform handles polls nowadays:

I often mistype the word “clumsy” as “clumbsy” because it seems like it should be similar to words like numbed, thumbed, dumbing, climbs, bombed, plumbing. Of course the dropped-b story is complex but that is not my point. Some used to be pronounced with the “b” and now aren’t. This is apparent in some words: bomb –> bombadier, but of course there is no such word as “clumb”.

So, today my survey question is: “Which spelling of “clumsy” seems more natural to you?” Comments are welcome also, of course.


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2 responses to “Clumbsy?

  1. Looking at the etymology of clumsy, we find: “”acting or moving as if benumbed,” alteration of Middle English clumsid “numb with cold” (14c.), past participle of clumsen, clomsen “to benumb, stiffen or paralyze with cold or fear” (early 14c.), also “become numb or stiff, as with cold” There are so many numB, BenumB references there I’d say they stumBled and left off their b when they coined the term! Make Clumbsy great again!

  2. @ qbit: Hilarious. Great information — thanks !

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