Fart Logic


He – Ri – Kutsu : “Fart Logic”

“He-RiKutsu” (Fart-Logic):

An argument which is deceptively false using disgustingly obvious faulty reasons. (a Japanese noun)

He-Rikutsu is translated in Japanese-English dictionaries as “quibble” or “sophism”, but neither of these words seems to capture the full feeling that I know in the Japanese of a very distasteful, repugnant sort of arguing style, thus I offered you the above superior definition. HeRikutus is a ripe and disgusting word!

In this post’s picture you can see that this Japanese word is made of three ideograms (KanJi) :

  • The first character, “He” (pronounced the same as the “he” in “head”), means “fart“.
  • The last two characters, “Ri” + “Kutsu”, combine to mean “logic“.

Just like farts, some people generate this sort of logic without effort or forethought, while others do it intentionally, almost making an art of it. But inevitably, we all let them slip out occasionally.


Examples of Fart Logic:


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5 responses to “Fart Logic

  1. Ian

    Awesome. There are some Japanese words that combine just the right connotations. I’m particularly fond of ganbatte, although its a tad pretentious to wield in general company 🙂

    Can you give an example of an argument that you’d consider herikutsu?

  2. mac

    I like it, eventhough I know no Japanese

    But, then again, I’m quite juvenile too 🙂

  3. OOH, yes. I know only little japanese, but i am so going to steal this word. Only, I don’t want to misuse it. Give us some examples, Please.

  4. When asked why she did not want to go to the party, she said she didn’t pick up her dress from the Dry Cleaner. But her husband smiled, and said, “Actually, honey, I picked it up for you and layed it out on your bed.” She then said she felt too dirty to go to the part. He said he would gladly wait for her to bathe.

    But she kept throwing out He-Rikutsu after He-Rikututsu to avoid going to the party.

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